Image of Machi London / Paris /Tiny Town

Machi London / Paris /Tiny Town


Visit the capitals of cool and chic with your very own mini London or Paris magnet town.

Ride on a double-decker bus to the London eye or take a Black Cab to the British Museum.
magnetic boards x 2、Big Ben x 1、British museum x 1、London eye x 1、double-decker bus x 1、Black cab x 1、chalk x 1
beech , MDF、metal sheet

Ooh lala, be chic in your own mini Paris magnet town.
Ride on the metro to see the Eiffel Tower or L’Arc de Triomphe, It’s so fun to be in France.

magnetic boards x 2、 Eiffel tower x 1、L’Arc de Triomphe x 1 metro(trains x 1、rails x 4、metro sign x 2)、chalk x 1
beech wood, MDF, metal sheet

Tiny town
Be the mayor of your very own mini town.

magnetic boards x 2、trees(green)x 4、trees(natural)x 2、traffic signals x2、buildings x 3、mountain(green)x 1、Mt.Fuji x 1、car x 1、chalk x 1
beech wood, MDF, metal sheet

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