Food colouring in a spray can for the creative kitchen artist

100 ml of edible food varnish spray. From
sparkling silver muffins to gold-coated
steaks, Food Finish gives creative cooking
a fresh gloss.
The Deli Garage developed Food Finish with
a small food manufacturer that provides topquality
food colouring to upmarket pastry
and cake shops. The new innovation is the
spray can. And that’s exactly what makes
refining your culinary creations so very easy.
Off with the lid and on with the spray. Finito!
Food Finish will chrome-plate and gold-coat
anything in the kitchen that comes under
its nozzle – from summer strawberries to the
Christmas goose. And with two new colours,
you’ll have your food blushing red and
moody blue in a jiffy. Food Finish is completely
neutral in taste and harmless to eat.

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